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Live Webinar: Network Visibility Tool

Enabling Detection & Response with Masergy's Network Visibility Tool

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Enterprise networks are diverse, dynamic and complex, which makes it easy for attackers to obfuscate their tracks once inside. Without complete visibility into your network, how does your security response team understand the nature and extent of intrusions and infections?

In this webinar, Jay Barbour, Masergy Director of Security Product Management, will show you why network visibility and investigation is critical to the detection and response mission.

Masergy's Jay Barbour will discuss:

  • How network visibility enables the detection and response mission by recording an up-to-the-second complete history of network metadata
  • How Masergy's scalable Network Visibility Tool integrates with the Comprehensive Managed Detection and Response service
  • Powerful use cases where enhanced network visibility has simplified detection and enabled security teams to respond more quickly to events


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